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Website Design and Implementation
As well as hosting your website, Imps will be happy to develop (or redevelop) and update it as well using our wealth of in-house and contract expertise. We have extensive commercial experience in the design and implementation of static, database-driven and CMS-based sites using all standard commercial web technologies.
MX Postcode Map CDS-Imps developed - and continue to maintain and upgrade - the Mortgage Express website, based on a flexible CSS / XML site architecture. All development on this site takes place under Tortoise CVS.

Recent additions to the site include:
  • dynamic postcode map implemented in AJAX (using the same XML back-end as the existing text-based postcode search)

  • a VB/ASP driven Lump Sum Calculator for lifetime mortgages
Websites are developed under strict version control, allowing easy rollback and auditing of changes. Additional ('development' or 'staging') versions of sites can be made available under Managed Hosting to test and sign-off updates prior to publication.
Symbian Developer Network (Symbian DevNet) is intended to be the primary resource for developers using Symbian's popular mobile phone operating system as a platform. CDS-Imps designed the server and firewall architecture and are providing full Managed Site Hosting for the project.

In addition a CDS-Imps Java development consultant has been working onsite alongside Symbian's development team to build this large and necessarily complex site.
Symbian Developer Network